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All about UPROAR

Welcome to UPROAR Lounge & Restaurant, your premier destination for an authentic and vibrant LGBTQ bear nightlife experience! Nestled at the heart of the Shaw/U Street neighborhoods, we celebrate the diversity, camaraderie, and natural beauty of the bear community.

Step into a world where individuality shines, and self-expression is celebrated. Our rustic yet modern venue exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, creating the perfect backdrop for connecting with friends old and new. At UPROAR Lounge & Restaurant, we embrace all body types, styles, and identities, fostering an environment where you can truly be yourself.

Our themed events and lively parties cater to the unique interests of the bear community. From karaoke nights that fill the air with laughter and music to unforgettable bear-themed parties that keep the energy high, there's always something exciting happening here. Dance to a mix of pop, dance, and classic hits spun by our talented DJs, creating a soundtrack that brings people together on the dance floor.

Whether you're a proud bear, an ally, or simply seeking an inclusive space to unwind and connect, you're welcome here. Our diverse and friendly crowd makes mingling easy, fostering connections that often turn into lasting friendships and meaningful relationships.

Join us in our commitment to supporting LGBTQ causes, as we regularly engage in community-driven initiatives and charity events. Your patronage helps us give back and uplift the broader LGBTQ community.

Discover UPROAR Lounge & Restaurant, where acceptance and authenticity thrive. Come experience the warmth, laughter, and unforgettable moments that make our nightclub a true bear haven. Check out our upcoming events, plan your visit, and get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime."

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